To Frydi

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Mitata – a personal journey

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The beautiful village of Mitata is well known for the annual wine festival “Yiorti tou Krasiou”, one of the highlights of Kythera’s summer events calendar. “Yiorti tou Krasiou” always includes plenty of  local wine, and food,  good company and lots of dancing!

Mitata is, however, so much more than that.  For example, Mitata is one of the oldest and most earthquake-prone villages  on the mythical island of Kythera. The many earthquakes over millennia have created  the breathtaking “Frydi”. On the way from Mitata to Viaradika, a weary traveller will pass the village and come across the vrysi where ample cool spring water cascades and dances away!  Anyone who has tried water from the vrysi will agree that it’s deliciously cool and invigorating on a hot day.

Whilst my lineage is not purely Mitatiotiko, it is nevertheless the most beautiful village on the island and a place where I can connect with a part of myself. Aside from exploring the physical beauty of Mitata, my journeys to Mitata over the last 24 years have been deeply personal. It is where 2 people I would have loved to know better played as children, and explored and learned about the world around them. Walking around the home of my ancestors, I imagine the games my father, and grandfather before him, played in the back yard using sticks, rocks and any small animals they could get their hands on. I see the eager boyish face of  my father climbing the almond stone staircase in the front avli delivering freshly baked bread from the xylofourno (wood fired oven) upstairs to his elderly grandfather during the Greek Civil War. I know that both my grandfather and father looked out towards the Frydi exactly as I do when I find myself in Mitata, they walked the same narrow streets and breathed the same air as I do.

I am sure there are at least some of you who can relate similar experiences. As this site develops I hope to add historical, social and other tidbits of information to encourage reflection and debate.

Heroes’ Monument & the Frydi in the background

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A monument commissioned by Georgios Sklavos in memory of freedom fighters